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Our agility training is considered by many to be the most forefront thinking approach to training this incredible & hugely fun sport.

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Life Skills Classes

Life Skills – All the things your dog needs to know to thrive in our modern world.

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Competitive Obedience

Obedience is a unique combination of absolute precision, cues and signals.

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What Dog Training Is On Offer At Devon Dogs


There are many different ways in which you can approach agility and here at Devon Dogs we believe in the importance of getting it right from the beginning. Foundation is key, it is essential for you and your dog to have a solid understanding of the different behaviours at grass roots level. As you develop and progress you will both find it easy if you have taken the time to get the basics right.

Life Skills

Life Skills are the skills and behaviours that you need to teach your dog to help them develop into well mannered, happy, safe and friendly dogs. We teach you many exercises using positive reward based training. The main underlying theme of all of the classes, regardless of the level, is building a happy, positive relationship between you and your dog.

Competitive Obedience

Obedience is a unique combination of absolute precision, cues and signals. The outcome being a picture of unity and the ultimate display of dog and handler working as a team.

Obedience is often referred to as the dressage of the canine world. Have fun learning new skills taught to you in a creative way.


Personal, private and focused solely on you and your dog – 121 lessons have many benefits. We tailor the training sessions to meet your personal needs and because of this they are very flexible, you choose the day, time and place and we bring the training to you. Private training sessions allow us and you to crack specific training challenges, we can make a professional assessment of your needs and help plan, prep and set goals for you…all whilst at the same time help enhance and boost your regular training.